Monday, February 20, 2012

My experience with this so called "Funny T-shirts"

One of several exciting elements of creating a wardrobe will be the several creative funny designs that will might be combined with t-shirts. These designs can reinvigorate social lives and spark humorous conversations throughout social circles. Sadly, though, many stores that provide so-called funny t-shirts usually provide cheesy incarnations that don't sound right. On the contrary, the jesters at are creating top-quality, funny t-shirts at that charm hoards of customers worldwide.

This is a very interesting shirt for me, got this picture from TShirtPusher, I hope this is not copyrighted. :) But I will feature their site in this post. They have lots of funny t-shirts, really. 

I got different colors of shirts, I think 3 or 4, with the same print. Ahaha, You can't believe it. I will be posting more funny t-shirts in the future. 

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